Upright Piano Repair

Offering Reliable Upright Piano Tuning & Repairs in Sydney

Upright pianos are an excellent option to introduce the same musical ambiance to a space as a grand piano, without having to dominate the same excessive amount of floor space. Here at David Cremer Piano Services, we appreciate the attachment owners have to their instruments, and strive to offer unmatched upright piano tuning and repair services to all of our Sydney clients. Whatever your make or model, we have a wealth of experience within the industry and are sure we can find a solution to satisfy your needs.


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Providing Sydney Owners with Unmatched Upright Piano Tuning & Repairs

When it comes to your upright piano’s maintenance, there can be no room for error. Shoddy workmanship or poor-quality components can lead to serious – and expensive – damage, both to the music produced and to the aesthetics of your model. Know that you’re getting the best possible tuning and repair services by choosing to work with David Cremer Piano Services.


You will work with only the most experienced and qualified technicians who ensure that every client’s upright piano receives attention of the highest standards, delivering work that we’d be proud to have on our own instruments. We appreciate your upright piano could have drifted out of tune not only because of prolonged playing, but by environmental factors causing the materials to expand and contract. Our technicians will also inspect the interiors to identify any signs that movement or shifting has caused the structure to become misaligned, affecting the tuning. Through this comprehensive approach, you will have a diagnosis as to why your piano is drifting out of tune, a solution ranging from quick tuning to interior/exterior repairs and restoration, and invaluable advice on how to prevent further damage in the future.


Treat Your Upright Piano to Expert Tuning & Repairs

If you are ready to book in for upright piano tuning or repairs in Sydney, or you would like to learn more about our range of services, contact David Cremer Piano Services today by calling 0419 416 778.