Sydney’s Premier Steinway Piano Tuner

If you are not happy with how your piano has been sounding, then it’s high time you called in David Cremer – the premier Steinway piano tuner in Sydney. It’s inevitable that your keys will go out of tune as they are susceptible to the environment’s temperature and humidity. Unfortunately, we’re not talking about a guitar, and the strings can’t be put back in tune simply by turning the pegs.

You need a pro, and someone who will ensure that your instrument is able to play Bach, Beethoven and Beach Boys without sounding a little… unpleasantly dissonant. David Cremer is a master provider of services for this wonderful instrument and will be happy to come out to your home, studio or recital centre today to ensure your strings are tuned and sounding beautiful.

Steinway piano tuner & repairs expert

Not only will David come out to your location to provide a first class tuning service, but he is also one of Sydney’s pre-eminent piano repairs providers. David will come to your home and provide a repair service that is sure to have it sounding wonderful again!

Want to call David today?

If you would like David to come out to your location to provide a top quality service, or if you have any inquiries about what work needs to be done to your piano to have it sounding beautiful again, feel free to get in contact with him today.

Call 0419 416 778 or submit an inquiry form via our contact page and he will get back to you with all the information you require.