Sydney’s Premier Kawai Piano Tuner

If your keys don’t have the sound that please, then you need David Cremer – the premier Kawai piano tuner in Sydney. Temperature and humidity are bound to make our instruments go out of tune eventually. However, many people continue to play with the knowledge that their strings are dissonant and unpleasant to the ears – it doesn’t have to be this way!

David will happily come out to your location and ensure that your favourites are played with the beauty of a perfectly-tuned instrument. You want your instrument sounding beautiful whatever the style you are playing. For this, it’s always advised to call in the expert – David Cremer.

Sydney’s leading Kawai tuner & repairs expert

Every piano has a limited lifetime, and this is measured in decades. Unfortunately, our instruments are subject to the same wear and tear that you would expect from any well-loved possession.

Perhaps the ribs, strings or bridges need replacing? Or, perhaps your concert hall classic needs new hammers?

Either way, David is a master repairman who will happily come out to your studio, school or recital centre to ensure your instrument is simply stunning to enjoy.

Want to speak with David today?

If it’s high-time your piano keys received some much-needed TLC, then feel free to contact David Cremer today. He will be more than happy to chat about your instrument and book it in for a service at a time that is most suitable for you. David is a highly efficient professional as he understands you don’t want to go without playing for too long!

Simply call him on 0419 416 778 or fill out an inquiry form at his contact page and he will reply with all the information you require!